5 Reasons You Will Feel Better After You Come Out the Closet

5.) Anxiety

Anxiety is probably located somewhere in between bullies and gossip on the scale of things that feel absolutely terrible. Besides just making you feel completely awful , it is actually physically unhealthy if you are feeling anxious all the time. Every moment you spend feeling iffy about staying in the closet is just one more  gray hair that you will probably have to dye for the rest of your life. Aside from this, you have so many more suitable things to be worried about, like maybe paying off student loans… or deciding what to buy your grandmother for Christmas. All of these things are way more exceptional and beneficial for your nervous system than keeping your own identity just one big top secret.

4.) You Will Definitely Make New Friends.

There are way more difficult factors in coming out of coming out. You will be up against some issues that you never thought you’d ever have to deal with. But the one awesome aspect about all that difficulty is that it has invented a very caring society of people who will be there for you no matter what the situation is that you going through because they will know exactly what you are dealing with at the moment and they will be there to help you. They make sure you are in a safe place, and you all will probably just look back years later and laugh at the haters.

3.) You Will Find Someone.

Your sexual identity is about many, many different things, but one of the main thing to think about is sex. Decide if you want to trying having sex with boys or girls, both, or those who don’t fit within the cisgender binary, it is never, ever going to happen until you just let it out. The same exact thing goes for love. It is not just exaggeration that saying  “I love you,” to your partner for the first time has been sanctified  as one of the most memorable romantic moments in a new relationship. Telling the person how you feel is sexy. To be an honest person is definitely sexy.  Use that skill to pick up your lover and to help yourself.

2.) Being Out Of the Closet Is Awesome.

You will go on adventures and it will be just pure nonstop fun. It will be relaxing, too. Don’t worry. Seriously. It won’t be like those awful parties in high school when you’ve spent the whole time feeling like you had a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe, and everyone is staring at you and judging hard. In fact, when you come out, you’ll forget about your problems in general and you’ll finally have a chance to just be you.

1.) You Deserve This.

This just might be the, strongest, most crucial and most important reason ever. You deserve this. You deserve to be yourself for once — shamelessly, loudly, unapologetically you. You will always deserve this so much in fact, that it does not matter how bad you feel about yourself — do not ever not let yourself have your own right to be you. You are awesome.

Watch the video below for post-coming out tips!