Spectrum's LGBT Equality Pledge Campaign Launches

Important Opportunity to Be Part of Marin County Human Rights Project For Businesses and Professional Organizations

To promote equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the workplace and in our community, and to support Spectrum LGBT Center, Spectrum is offering you an opportunity to visibly express your support for LGBT equality.

The display of the Pledge for LGBT Equality logo will show to all who view your website that you are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all members of our community, that you support the work of Spectrum, and that you agree to the Spectrum Pledge for LGBT Equality.

Spectrum provides support, primarily to LGBT youth and older adults, through direct and intermediary services, promotes public awareness of LGBT issues and partners with education, health care and other advocacy organizations to ensure appropriate and equitable environments for LGBT members of our community.

Our goal is to identify businesses and professional organizations whose core values, policies and organizational culture are in alignment with the values stated in the Pledge, which include maintaining a welcoming environment for all employees, visitors, customers, vendors, and clients, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Here’s how to become a sponsor of the Spectrum LGBT Equality Pledge:

1. Read the LGBT Equality Pledge here.

2. If you agree to pledge to the Nine Points for Equality,  return an email to pilecki@spectrumLGBTcenter.org with the name of your business or professional organization exactly as you would like it to appear on our website.

3. Once your commitment is received, you may then display the Pledge for LGBT Equality logo on your website and other promotional materials. The Pledge for Equality logo will be linked to the list of endorsers on Spectrum’s website, which will include a list of those who have taken the Pledge.

Thank you for joining us in taking the Spectrum Pledge for LGBT Equality!


Gary Anspach, Anspach Financial Group, LLC
Treasurer, Spectrum LGBT Center Board of Directors

Patrice L. Goldman, Law Offices of Patrice L. Goldman

Michael Kadel, Vice President, Bank of Marin
Member, Spectrum LGBT Center Advisory Council

Jessica Karner, Partner, Keegin Harrison Schoppert Smith & Karner, LLP

Barbara Monty, Partner, MontyWhite, LLP

Penny Noble, President, Spectrum LGBT Center Board of Directors

Julie Sherman, Diversity Chair, Hanson Bridgett, LLP

Wanden P. Treanor, Law Offices of Wanden P. Treanor

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